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Winter Walking Wonderland

Carlingford is ideally located as a holiday destination for hikers and avid walkers, amongst other outdoor-activity enthusiasts. Even in winter there are some amazing sights to see and activities to enjoy, so we’ve put together our best recommendations as a follow on from our day out blogs; found here and here!


Carlingford offers some beautiful loop walks in and around Medieval Carlingford, Rockmarshall, or the longer loop called ‘The Tain Way’ which can be joined at various different points.

However, for the more experienced hiker The Cooley Peninsula is right on Starboards doorstep. With Slieve Foy standing as the tallest peak among them, offering a spectacular climb and a view that pays off tenfold.

The scenery isn’t the only draw of the Cooley mountains. This mountain range is formed with 440-million-year old Silurian greywacke sandstones, 340-million-year-old limestones, and 60-million-year-old volcanic rocks.

This peninsula also hosts ancient monuments like the Proleek Dolmen, a ‘portal tomb’ dating to the Neolothic period in 3000 BC, and whose capstone weighs approximately 35 tons. This national monument is truly worth to walk for the wonder it will inspire.

Another visit worth your while is the nearby gallery grave or ‘Giant’s Grave’, measuring 6.7 metres. The megalithic tomb also dates back to the Neolithic period and was likely built by the same hands as the Proleek Dolmen.


Carlingford plays host to many bird species migrating south for winter and is ideal for both the beginner and expert birdwatcher. The habitats include a wide mudflat and sand-flat in Carlingford Lough, with shingle and sand beaches along its borders. Then just a short distance away are mountains, woods, reed beds, and streams, for an entirely different bird watching experience.

If you’re looking for Carlingford apartments to sleep the entire walking party, Starboard house serves room for up to 15 people and offers a comfortable, luxurious experience that is uniquely special amongst the other options in Carlingford.

Visit our website to find out more about Starboard House or our other luxury Carlingford apartments or call us on 00-353-87-2913682 to see what we can do for your party.

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