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Make the Most out of a Weekend In Carlingford – Day 2

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

In our Day 1 Blog, we discussed walking, eating and partying so why not dedicate your second day to a little R and R and some Carlingford history? Our Luxury accommodation in Carlingford offers relaxation from home and is just a short walk away from some of the town’s most popular activities.

Day 2

Wake Up and Relax

Step out of bed and into utter relaxation with our luxury accommodation in Carlingford and its extravagant hot tub. Included when you book, you can enjoy the spa benefits while looking over the properties incredible view. This is the perfect way to commence your second day and a great pick-me-up for those of you feeling a little delicate after experiencing the renowned Carlingford hospitality the night before.

Learn About Carlingford’s Medieval Past

Head into the village and grab yourself a spot of lunch at our favourite spot, the Deli Bar before commencing on foot to explore Carlingford’s medieval history, making the Carlingford Heritage Centre your first stop. The centre recounts the tale of Carlingford’s evolution from Norman and Medieval times, right through to the present day. You can even take a walking tour of the towns charming historical buildings.

Tour the Carlingford Brewery

Bring your weekend in Carlingford to a close by visiting the famous Carlingford Brewing Company and attending the popular tour of the brewery. The beers brewed here take inspiration from Carlingford’s legendary landmarks and can offer you further insight into the local area. Sample from the great range of beer that is brewed in this outstanding 13th-Century Mill. The perfect final touch to a fun-filled weekend

To book our luxury accommodation in Carlingford click here or find out more by downloading our brochure. For more cottages with hot tubs ireland click here.

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