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Indulge Yourself with a Little bit Extra

Starboard House is kitted out from head to toe with everything you need for an amazing Irish holiday. Sleeping up to 15 people in five large family bedrooms, with plenty of places to rest and relax, its size and features are grand and impressive, but there’s more where that come from! Our list of optional extras is extensive and indulgent and can help make your stay at Starboard House, one to remember. Here are just a few of the possibilities you can choose on top when you book our luxury accommodation in Carlingford:

Private Bar

Fully stocked with five bottles of spirits, mixers, lemons/limes and ice, you won’t need to go out on the town to enjoy the ‘nightlife’ in Carlingford. You can enjoy a fully stocked bar for €300 and then let loose in your luxury accommodation in Carlingford.


For the inner celebrity in you, our tailored concierge service is perfect for those looking for the VIP treatment. Your very own private butler for €50 an hour can help ensure every guest is fully satisfied with their experience.


With the optional extras of either a gas griddle or a charcoal barbecue, you and the other guests can enjoy some al fresco dining in the beautiful seating areas outside Starboard House. Each option is only €50 and is perfect for summer holidays and soaking up the sun.


Have your rooms cleaned, your beds made and soft and fresh towels delivered with our housekeeping service so that you can forget about the little things and focus on relaxing and enjoying your holiday. For €180 per day, this optional extra is great for families who want to take a real break.

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