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A Vision of Christmas at Starboard House

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and happiness. It’s the perfect time to create beautiful memories with your loved ones and no matter how the turkey turns out, it’s more important that you’re together. If you have a large family it can be difficult to fit everyone in one house, never mind one room. But here in Starboard’s expansive grounds there really is room for everyone.

We’ve put together this list of reasons Carlingford and Starboard House are the Christmas destination to beat:

Festive Feeling

Starboard boasts two woodburning fireplaces indoors, as well as one outdoors on the stunning patio overlooking the lough. Additionally, the formal dining area with fine tableware and additional decorations that will ensure your Christmas dinner looks as delicious as it tastes.

Stunning Scenery

Surrounded by peaks, this alpine villa style home has views of snow-capped mountains in all directions. Take a post-dinner walk around town and find the atmospheric remains of medieval Carlingford Castle and the old village walls.

Christmas in Carlingford

Every year Carlingford plays host to a quaint gem of a Christmas Market. With food, wares, crafts, and clothes available from local businesses; including art exhibitions and other wonderful attractions. There’s no better place for some last minute Christmas shopping!

This luxury self-catering accommodation in Carlingford has room for 15 people, with additional travel cots available for young families. There’s plenty of room across its 3 acres of gated land for the kids to play and expansive space indoors for the spread of Christmas gifts.

Take a look at our gallery to get a feeling of what Christmas in Carlingford could look like for you and your family.

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